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We match the capabilities of cloud computing services with your business requirements to help you gain a competitive advantage.

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5 business reasons to consider talking to us

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    We offer a complementary consultancy session where you can ask us any questions about cloud computing and other technologies.

  • 2.

    We provide a complementary report on how cloud computing can create value for your business.

  • 3.

    We are here to help you. No aggresive sales pitches nor any further obligations to work with us.

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    We have a number of highly skilled and industry certified cloud consultants and engineers available to talk to you.

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    We cover all major public cloud provides including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsof Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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Cloud computing is a better way to run a business

Avoid capital expenditure

Instead of investing your capital in data centers and servers, you can pay only when you consume computing resources and pay only for how much you consume.

Benefit from economies of scale

Because usage from all customers is aggregated, cloud providers can achieve higher economies of scale which translate into lower pay as you go prices.

Stop guessing about capacity

You can use as much or as little capacity as you need and scale up or down immediately. You never end up sitting on expensive iddle resources or dealing with limited capacity.

Increase speed and agility

You can provision IT resources immediately which results in a dramatic inrease in agility since the cost and time it takes to experiment and develop is much lower.

Avoid maintanance costs

Focus on your customers and projects that differentiate your business rather than on putting together the server infrastructure and its maintainance.

Go global when you want

Deploy your applications into multiple world regions and offer your customers lower latency and better experience at minimal cost.

Our services can be broadly divided as follows

Cloud Strategy

Defining strategy and creating transformation roadmap.

Conducting readiness and suitability assessment.

Identifying how business value can be created by adopting cloud.

Cloud Architecture

Collecting and translating business requiremnts into technical design.

Matching cloud services with business requiremnts for most optimal solutions.

Addressing security concerns and creating risk mitigation plans.

Cloud Engineering

Building cloud solutions according to technical designs.

Cloud automation and DevOps engineering - infrastructure as code.

Cloud optimisation and trobleshooting

Cloud Support

Providing cloud technical support with SLA.

Providing on-site and off-site cloud computing training.

Monitoring, backup and restore, disaster recovery.

Our clients include

British Car Auctions
Bank of England
Radcliffe Group
Finanacial Conduct Authority
Turner Broadcasting Systems
Cartoon Network
Immediate Media
CNN International
Dennis Publishing
Yorkshire Water

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